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Online Leave Application Guidelines
Now, it is very easy to apply your leave.
How to Apply ?

To apply, you have to login eManager first. 

In your home page, you can access the “Leave Application Manager” under the “Services” menu which will direct you to leave home page.

Click on the “Apply Leave” button available. The Leave application page will be displayed.

Fill the application and press Submit button.  That’s it.

Apply leave by excluding Saturdays, Sundays and announced Holidays.  Separate applications should be applied for the leave period that includes Saturdays, Sundays or announced Holidays.

For Example, if you apply for leave from 06-05-2010 (Thursday) to 12-05-2010 (Wednesday) then apply 06-05-2010 to 07-05-2010 and 10-05-2010 to 12-05-2010 separately. (If the leave period exceeds 9 days continuously, then Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will be included in the leave period. Contact Attendance Section in extension 1336 for further clarification)

Supporting Staff should take care about their Turn leaves when calculating leave days

Message for leave can be applied by HODs for their staff members.

Press the “Calculate” button to check the number of days applied for leave.

You can check your Leave application status in the leave home page.

Your leave application should be approved by your HOD / authorized people to become valid.

Leave Applications without HODs approval will not be considered as valid. Please, contact your HOD once applied for approval.
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